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Tiara House

Completed 2022

Sculpted by ornamental qualities of its site and locale, Tiara House is a spirited addition to a late 1800s Victorian terrace in Melbourne’s inner north. The double-storey dwelling, which overlooks the historic parklands of Edinburgh Gardens, inspired FMD Architects to embrace a sentimental approach, offering a poetic response to place grounded by amenity and liveability.

The addition’s southern orientation inspired FMD Architects to pursue connections to the landscape, drawing in layered gradients of natural light. A curved aperture frames an ephemeral garden, combining native, cottage and Mediterranean plant species, honouring layers of history. Above, a floating veil of timber battens shrouds the upper level, its sweeping and tiered form referencing Edinburgh Gardens’ historic rotunda and the home’s decorative character. This ‘tiara’ form offers a sense of embellishment to the area’s otherwise blank Victorian rear façades, offering a new language of adornment for the residents and their neighbours to delight in.

Tiara House: About
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