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Ripple House

Completed 2020

The Ripple House is a series of unfurling spaces defined by subtle shifts in the site and light. The architecture develops a narrative around reverberation and progression, drawing on the ‘ripple’ notion to explore deft forms that mediate the descent of the site’s gentle fall and associated impact on the interior.
The traditional sequence of the old home is maintained, with the extension opening up to a rippling ceiling of timber battens. Folded forms crank to capture northern light above the neighbouring brick boundary wall, while raking low along the southern boundary to allow neighbours the same privilege. A ‘springing point’ anchors the ceiling arrangement, with a triangular skylight drawing in morning light and creating strong definitions of space. The main bedroom sits within the garden with the rippling ceiling extending into the landscape beyond. The mirrored shed reflects the projected folding canopies, creating an inverted pathway in the sky.

Ripple House: About
Ripple House: Pro Gallery
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